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Facing an issue of home foreclosure, car repossession, garnishment, credit card debt or divorce can be an overwhelming experience. It is hard enough to deal with the financial and emotional impact of these kinds of issues. Add to it a complicated legal process, and it is easy to find yourself unsure of what to do. Fortunately, a skilled attorney can explain your bankruptcy and other options and help you make wise decisions. At The James D. Ealley Law Firm, we understand what you are going through. Our attorneys will help you find peace of mind by making the process easy to understand.  LEARN MORE


Filing for Bankruptcy Can:

  • Stop home foreclosure/Save your house
  • Stop car repossessions
  • Stop wage garnishments
  • Stop lawsuits
  • Eliminate credit card debt
  • Eliminate medical debt
  • Stop creditor harassment
  • Stop evictions
  • Protect your security clearance
  • Eliminate certain tax debt
  • Cancel contracts and leases without termination fees
  • Remove 2nd mortgages in certain circumstances
  • Reduce vehicle payoffs and interest rates in certain circumstances

Most people qualify for bankruptcy, and most people are able to keep all of their property in bankruptcy.  We can advise you of your options at no cost to you.  Contact us to schedule a free, no-stress consultation.


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Entire Process Can Be Done Electronically.

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