What documents will I need to file for bankruptcy?

The following documents are required in order to file Bankruptcy:

  • 6 months of paystubs for you and your spouse, even if your spouse is not filing
  • Last 4 years of federal and state tax returns (Note: For a Chapter 7, only the most recent year is required). If returns are not available, transcripts should be ordered from the IRS and State Comptroller
  • Award letters for any Social Security, Pension, Retirement and Disability income. Prior year 1099s will not be accepted. Information on ordering a Social Security benefit award letter is available at Social Security Administration
  • If you are self-employed, profit-and-loss statements covering the previous 3 months. Here's a sample profit-and-loss statement
  • Recent bank statement for all bank accounts
  • Certificate of completion of a credit counseling course. This required, 1.5 hour online course is available at www.DebtorCC.org
  • Completed questionnaire provided by attorney
  • Driver's License and Social Security Card. Replacement Social Security cards can be requested at Social Security Administration